Memories of the past

Lewis Wamwanda

I remember the calls i made
The late nights i tried to reach you
And the unanswered calls i made
Not forgetting the unreplied messages

I remember the way i tried to explain myself
Yet you claimed I’m just complaining
That I do not understand at all
Yet my heart was still aching

I remember the sacrifices I made
Staying awake all night, stomach rumbling
Pretending not to be sleepy
Yet i made sure you ate Pizza

Don’t ask why I left,
I just explained myself
It was too much to bare
And that is why

I loved deeply, but I loved a wrong person
I wanted attention, all i got was neglects
I wanted communication, i got silence
And that is why

Not that I didn’t love at all
The problem was that I loved to much
And for granted you took my love
Like a puppet, you wanted…

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